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Type: Half Day or Full Day VIP Car Rent
Meeting Point : up to your Request
Starts at : up to your Request
Finishes at : up to your Request
Duration: 4 or 8 hrs.
Available Languages: English Turkish
Available: 365 days in year
Tour Code: CAR-VIP
Need help? Call us

+90 533 720 49 19 ( Whatsapp )

    VIP Car Hire with Driver in Istanbul
    Private Tour

    We are ready to give your ground service in Istanbul with Luxury Cars.
    Our Luxury Cars are ready to give you service with Special Drivers who knows Istanbul very well.

    Our All Luxury New Cars have GPS and well maintened and fully insured.
    You can go Shopping, Shopping Malls, Bussiness Meetings, Restaurants, Cafes and Historical Places. 
    In case of need, our drivers can assist you for your needs.


    Here is our Luxury Car Hire Service with Driver with Fluent English Speaking Driver Special Prices.

    Mercedes E Class (4 person seat capacity Car)  
    Half Day Car Hire 4 hrs, 50 km limit 130 Euro.-
    Full Day Car Hire 8 hrs, 80 km limit 190 Euro.-
    Accommodation  12 hrs, 150 km limit (09:00 / 24:00) 290 Euro.-
    Mercedes S Class (4 person seat capacity Car)   
    Half Day Car Hire 4 hrs, 50 km limit 250 Euro.-
    Full Day Car Hire  8 hrs, 80 km limit  370 Euro.-
    Accommodation 12 hrs, 150 km limit (09:00 / 24:00) 570 Euro.-
    Mercedes Exec.    Sprinter (10 person seat Vip)    
    Half Day Car Hire 4 hrs, 50 km limit 190 Euro.-
    Full Day Car Hire  8 hrs, 80 km limit 310 Euro.-
    Accommodation 12 hrs, 150 km limit (09:00 / 24:00) 460 Euro.-


      1-7 pax 8-13 pax
    Official Guide Half Day - 4 hrs
    (09:00 - 13:00 / 13:00 - 17:00)
      99 Eur. 150 Eur.
    Official Guide Full Day - 8 hrs 119 Eur. 195 Eur.

    Guide Language Options, English, Arabic, Russian, German, Spanish, Japaneese, French, Italian


    Additional Informations
    • Prices are available only inside of Istanbul.
     Disinfected Vehicles and Safe Drivers.
    • Prices are per Car. (not per person).
     Fuel Oil included.
     Free Water.
     VAT included. There is no Extra Hidden Cost.
    • 1 Eur.- will be added for each Extra 1 km. 
    • Prices are available for Day time till 24:00 
    • Driver Meals and Parking Fees will be paid by Client 
    • Starts & Finishes from City Center Hotels in Europen Side.

    • If starts / finishes at Airport, Extra Transfer price will be added 
       and Service will start / finish at City Center.

    • %100 availability for Advance Reservations.

    For your Questions:
    e-mail to :
    GSM: +90 533 720 49 19 (English / Russian / Turkish)


    Payment ( No Advance Payment !!! )
    • by Cash during the Tour.
    • by PayPal 

    Available Days > Sun   Mon    Tue    Wed    Thu    Fri    Sat 


    Season : 365 days

    Price per adult : 130.-€
    Price per child (0-3) : Free
    Price per child (3-7) %50 : 0.-€
    Price per child (8-10) %30 : 0.-€
    You can make your Tour Payment Cash or with Credit Card to our Guide during the tour.

    Must see Places in Istanbul 
    Most Popular Touristical Palces
    (You can make your own Tailor Made Tour)


    Ahrida Synagogue
    Aqueduct Of Valens
    Asia - Camlıca hill
    Aya Triada Church
    Ayvansaray Sahaba Tombs
    Basilica (Underground) Cistern

    Balat (A Walk Through the Streets with Ancient Houses)
    Beyazit Square
    Beyazit Tower
    Beylerbeyi Sarayı
    Blue Mosque
    Bopshorus Cruise
    Bosphorus Bridge
    Bulgarian St. Stephen Church
    Byzantine City Walls
    Church of St. Mary (Panagia – Blachernae)
    Column of Constantine
    Çorlulu Ali Pasha Mosque
    Dolmabahçe Palace
    Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
    Egyptian Obelisk
    Eminonu District
    Eyup Sultan Mosque & Square
    Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
    Fener Greek Orthodox College
    Galata Mevlevihane (Lodgeused by Mevlevi dervishes)
    Galata Tower
    German Fountain
    Golden Horn
    Grand Bazaar
    Grand Covered Bazaar
    Hagia Sophia Museum
    Hippodrome Square
    Hippodrome: German Fountain
    Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam
    Istanbul University
    Istiklal Street
    Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
    New Mosque
    Obelisk of Theodosius
    Old Book Market
    Old Samatya Armanian District
    Ortaköy Square
    Pierre Loti Hill & Coffee House
    Saint Antonine Church
    Serpentine Column
    Shopping Centers
    Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Market)
    Taksim Square
    The Statue of Liberty
    Tomb of Mahmud the 2nd
    Topkapi Palace
    Walls of Constantine
    Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
    Yedikule Fortress
    Yıldız Palace Chalet
    Yıldız Tile Imperial Factory


    For KIDS

    Istanbul Aquarium 
    Vialand Theme Park
    Sapphire 360 + 5D Helicopter Ride
    Aquapark Dolphin

    Forum Istanbul Shopping Center

    - Sea Life Aquarium
    - Lego Land
    - Jurassic Land

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